Welcome to Pihost!

Pihost.us is a Linux machine in Santa Fe, New Mexico, created and administered to fill a need in my circle of friends and companions. Accounts are given out on a personal basis, and are used for IRC, web hosting, software development, database services, and email, among others.

Contact information

In the event that you need to contact me, simply send an email or XMPP message to pi at this very domain.

SSH Host keys

Shell and file transfer connections to Pihost are secured using the industry-standard OpenSSH protocol. In order to ensure security, please check the host keys against the ones listed here.

DSA 1024 e2:e3:8c:d0:2b:52:7f:59:f4:b0:3b:77:32:f2:b3:5f
RSA 2048 4c:47:3f:f2:c9:4e:2c:de:9e:b2:c3:30:bf:0b:bb:78

SSL certificate

Pihost uses SSL certificates from CACert, because I don’t feel the need to pay the Verisign protection-racket fees. Unfortunately, this means that secure links will raise a security alert, unless you import the CACert root certificate.